Why your business needs marketing automation

Marketing automation will help nurture and upsell existing customers and leads, driving conversion and the closing stages of the marketing/sales funnel. But you need to ensure you have a strategy to increase the top of the funnel and get in those fresh leads and maximise your return on existing leads.

Marketing automation refers to a software platform (of which there are many different options) that automates manual/repetitive tasks and multi-step processes such as emails, social media and other website actions.

In short, automation technology allows marketing departments to get more done with less effort.

Sounds great right? Let’s plug and play!

Hold on, one of the most common mistakes with marketing automation implementation is that businesses think it’s a quick fix. An automation system like any system is only good as the data it’s working with and most importantly the strategy and implementation of its tools.

Signs your business could benefit from
Marketing Automation services


You are looking to grow, or you have seen some growth but your current processes aren’t scaling to enable this.


You are using your email account or CRM to send out mass emails


You have multiple and potentially expensive marketing tools that aren’t talking to each other or providing who picture reports.


Your website isn’t generating leads and/or they aren’t converting

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What can I expect from marketing automation?

With the right strategic approach and the right platform marketing automation can enable the following:


Prioritise and execute your marketing tasks in a streamlined and efficient way.

customer journey

Produce sophisticated campaigns with personalisation, segmentation, behaviour based customer journeys and lead triggers.

streamline systems

Integrate & streamline your systems including CRMs, BI, social,tracking tools etc.

Lead routing

Sophisticated lead management, demographic and/or behavioral lead scoring, real-time prospecting, lead routing and distribution.

content marketing

Nurture prospects using highly personalised, valuable content that helps increase conversion.

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